Pint of Origin

Whitehart Bar


Welcome Pint of Origin 2024 at Whitehart Bar, where Brisbane's finest breweries converge from May 10 to 19 for a celebration of craft beer excellence.

Join us as we celebrate the vibrant craft beer scene in Brisbane with a series of events showcasing the best brews the city has to offer!

Range Brewing Launch Party - May 10th

Kick off the festivities with the Range Brewing Tap Takeover, as we launch Pint of Origin. Indulge in a variety of unique brews, including the Disco Hazy Pale Ale, Smooth Operator Raspberry Strawberry Dragonfruit Smoothie Sour, Upon Reflection West Coast IPA, Red Rising Red IPA, Whitehart X Echo Lager, Space Age DDH IPA, Echo Chamber Oat Cream IPA, Creative Control DDH Pale Ale, and the eagerly awaited Range Brewing - Hard Maybe DIPA.

Felons Pizza Party - May 15th

Join us for a Felons Pizza Party on May 15th, where pizza and beer come together in perfect harmony. From 5 pm to 7 pm, indulge in slices paired with Felons' finest brews. Discover the flavors of Apricot Harvest Barrel Aged Belgian Farmhouse Sour, Barrel Aged Lager, Madre Mezcal Margarita Sour, Lychee IIPA, and Imperial Stout.

Working Title Tap Takeover - May 17th

Don't miss the Working Title Tap Takeover on May 17th, featuring a selection of limited edition IPAs that you won't find anywhere else in Melbourne. Savor the unique flavors of Hazy IPA Maui Nelson, Hazy IPA Kohia Nelson, Hazy IPA Kohia Moteuka, Hazy IPA Riwaka, along with Pilsner, WCIPA, and the enticing Salted Caramel Pretzel Stout.

Throughout the Pint of Origin event, explore the diverse offerings from Aether Brewing, including the All Australian Pale Ale, Black XPA, Barrel Aged Raspberry Sour, Imperial Blackberry Breakfast Smoothie Sour, Mexican Lager, and Pet Nat Sour.

Discover Bacchus Brewing's creations, such as the Simcoe Pale Ale and the intriguing Sex, Drugs & Rocky Road brew.

Join us for an unforgettable celebration of good times and great beers! Cheers to the Brisbane craft beer scene! 🍻

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Bacchus Brewing
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#PoO24 Events

As well as their weeklong tap showcases, Whitehart Bar is hosting the following events

Friday May 10
Range Brewing Tap Takeover

Wednesday May 15
Felons Brewing Tap Takeover

Friday May 17
Working Title Brew Tap Takeover

Love hops and IPAs? Well, you'll want to kick off the second weekend of Pint of Origin with Whitehart and Working Title in that case.

We've secured a keg of each of their Fracture releases – four hazy IPAs loaded to the eyeballs with Kiwi hops. Come and try them all!

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