Pint of Origin

Cherry Tree Hotel

Regional Victoria

Showcasing the best brews from the best state!

Exquisite, eclectic and mouth-watering beers rawled from Victoria’s plentiful lands.

If you are jonesing for a beer as picturesque as the provinces they are found in, forget having to drive across the state: simply come to us in Cremorne to see the best regional Victoria has to offer.

With 23 taps on offer we'll be showcasing a plethora of breweries throughout. Here a list of 'em all!

  • Bandolier
  • Blackman's
  • Bridge Road
  • Bright
  • Dollar Bill
  • Forrest Brewing 
  • Golden Hills
  • Good Land Brewing
  • Holgate 
  • King River Brewing 
  • Love Shack Brewing
  • Noodledoof
  • Ocean Reach 
  • Red Duck 
  • Red Hill
  • Sailors Grave 
  • Two Bays
  • Valhalla Brewing

And don't forget on May 21 we'll be having an eight tap takeover by Sailors Grave complete with nautical games and sea shanties, courtesy of the Grubby Urchins. Fun and Free!

Live tap list
Brewer Beer Style ABV
Dollar Bill Gold Teeth Barrel Aged Peach Sour Sour 7.2%
Bridge Road White Peach and Raspberry Sour Sour 4.3%
Bridge Road NEad Vol. 9 IPA 7%
Blackmans Unfiltered Lager Lager 4.6%
Blackmans El Dorado Hazy Pale Hazy Pale 5%
Bandolier Irish Cream Porter Porter 5%
Bandolier Like a F**king Fairytale Belgian Blonde Belgian Blonde 6.6%
Goodland Neon Patel Sour Sour 4.2%
King River Fig Porter Porter 6.2%
Love Shack Extra Special Bitter Bitter 5.4%
Love Shack IPA IPA 6.2%
Noodledoof Sour Feijoa Spritzer Sour 4.2%
Ocean Reach Frank Moses Red Rye IPA IPA 6.5%
Red Duck Lazy Sunday Strong Saison Saison 6.3%
Red Duck My Highland Oatee Oatee Stout Stout 5.4%
Sailors Grave Tall Table Beer Table Beer 5%
Red Hill Pancho Mole Imperial Stout Stout 8%
Two Bays Session Ale Pale Ale 3.5%
Valhalla Obsidian Black IPA IPA 6.8%
Ocean Reach Helles Lager Lager 4.8%
Bridge Road Brewers Beechworth Pale Ale Pale Ale 4.8%


#PoO22 Events

As well as their weeklong tap showcases, Cherry Tree Hotel is hosting the following events:

May 21, 2022 Sea Shanties & Treats from the Briny Deep More info
Once again this year we are working with our friends at Sailors Grave Brewing out of Orbost with a tap takeover that will board a bevy of taps. 8 in fact! Alongside this bounty of beautiful brews we’ll be putting on a day of fun nautical style games for all to enjoy. The pub opens at midday where the festivities will begin. Furthermore, it’ll be topped off by a Sea Shanty Workshop by the one and only Grubby Urchins from 4pm. Fun and free! Come along and drink to ya hearts content!


We'd love to know what you make of Pint of Origin 2022 – and if you've got any great ideas for future years, we're all ears!