Pint of Origin



An all out, 100% airfreighted tap takeover from the land of creativity and contemporary culture.

For the eighth year running, Beermash will host Pint of Origin: Scandinavia across our taps, showcasing the most eccentric collection of innovative beers from the land of creativity and contemporary culture. 

This year we’re offering nothing but the freshest of the fresh with a 100% airfreighted tap takeover ✈️ 

We’ll be tapping some of the most innovative brews in the world from the likes of Stigbergets, Duckpond, Dugges, Elmeleven, Nerd Brewing, Chad Beer & more!

These beers won’t be available anywhere else in Australia and this will be your only opportunity to indulge! See you at the taps 🍻

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#PoO24 Events

As well as their weeklong tap showcases, Beermash is hosting the following events

Friday May 10
Duckpond Double Australian Collab Launch + Tap Showcase

🥳For the opening night of Pint of Origin - Scandinavia we’re launching two brand new Duckpond collaboration brews with our friends at Burnley, One Drop & Pours Cocktails. These two irresistible brews are jam packed with flavour and a great way to kick off the festivities!

Duckpond x Burnley x Pours Cocktails

🍒🍇 Introducing the Cherry Berry Duckquiri 🍒🍇 A brand new triple collaboration between Sweden's Duckpond Brewing and local legends Burnley Brewing & Pours Cocktails 🇸🇪 🇦🇺

Based on the classic daiquiri cocktail originating in Cuba in the late 1800s this sour beer blends the tartness of cherries & sweet blackberries with a refreshing, acidic citrus kick. With over 500kg of fruit additions this beer is jam packed with flavour 🤤

Duckpond x One Drop

🥭 🥭Harnessing the tropical wonders that Australia has to offer, we combine again through the power of beer & friendship to brew with long time pals Duckpond from Gothenburg, Sweden. An amplified quint-fruited smoothie sour with Australian Banana, Mango, Strawberry, Boysenberry, and Guava alongside both Coconut cream and water. Bega Lactose melds gorgeously with Tahitian and Madagascarian vanilla providing a balancing smoothness to the stupid amounts of fruit we’ve gone and added. Brewed with pals Duckpond, Beermash, and Crafty Pint for the latter’s Pint of Origin 2024 celebration. 🍓 🍓

📅 For those eager to grab a first taste, the beers will be tapped for the opening night of Pint of Origin: Scandinavia at Beermash this Friday 10th May at 5pm alongside a selection of airfreighted kegs fresh from Scandinavia including Australian exclusives from Nikola Sarcevic's sensational Duckpond Brewing! Check what the Duck’s on offer below 👇

🍺 Duckpond - Darkwing

🍺 Duckpond - Slush City

🍺 Duckpond - Fruit Pump De Luxe

🍺 Duckpond - Pulp Town

🍺 Duckpond x One Drop x Beermash - Golden Egg

🍺 Duckpond x Burnley x Pours - Cherry Berry Duckquiri


Saturday May 11
Stigbergets IPA Showcase

🇸🇪This Saturday (10th), as part of Pint of Origin - Scandinavia, we’ll be tapping 8 super fresh airfreighted brews from Sweden’s IPA connoisseur’s Stigbergets. We were blown away by the quality and balance of their beers last year and we can’t wait to delve back in! These beers won’t be available anywhere else in Australia so don’t miss out 😱 Check out the taplist below 👇

🍺 Stigbergets - Albatross 7% NEIPA Hopped with Citra, Mosaic, Ekuanot and YCH 301 Cryo Mosaic

🍺 Stigbergets - Stig Noir 6.5% Black IPA Hopped with Columbus, Simcoe and a sprinkle of Ekuanot

🍺Stigbergets - Triple Haze 10% TIPA Hopped with Citra, Mosaic, Ekuanot and a little cryo of each

🍺 Stigbergets x Beak - Bill 8.2% DIPA Hopped with heaps and heaps of Citra alongside Riwaka & Wai-iti

🍺 Stigbergets - Double Headed DDH 6.5% Swedish “West Coast IPA”

🍺 Stigbergets - Nouveau WCIPA 6% Hopped with Columbus, Idaho 7 & Mosaic

🍺 Stigbergets - Dubbelmås DIPA 8.5% Hopped with Citra & Mosaic

🍺 Stigbergets - Dubbelnelson DIPA 8.5% Hopped with Nelson Sauvin

Sunday May 12
Dugges Imperial Stout Showcase

🇸🇪 For the first time in 4 years Dugges are back in Australia! To celebrate we’re tapping these four gigantic stouts this Sunday. More info below 👇

🍺 Dugges - Mega 15% Imperial Stout
🍺 Dugges - Idjit 9.5% Imperial Stout
🍺 Dugges - Coconut Cream 16.1% Martinique Rhum BA Imperial Coco Coconut Stout
🍺 Dugges - Butterscotch 13.9% Kentucky Rye Whiskey BA Imperial Caramel Crunch Stout

Saturday May 18
Elmeleven PULP Sour Showcase

🇸🇪 Want to try some sours that are absolutely out of this world? Well, we’d like to introduce you to Elmeleven! Based in Malmö (SWE), Elmeleven is a 100% sour beer brewery that makes some of the craziest beers you can imagine. We’ll be tapping their aptly named PULP sours, which are jam-packed to the absolute brim with ridiculous amounts of fruity goodness! What’s more, the entire range is vegan, so nobody is left behind 🌱

Check out the list below 👇

🍺 Elmeleven - Loved Trippy PULP Dark Berries and Pineapple Sour 5% 🫐

🍺 Elmeleven - Future Islands PULP Pina Colada Sour 5% 🍹

🍺 Elmeleven - No Time For Caution PULP Dark Berries & Strawberry Sour 5% 🍓

🍺 Elmeleven - Earth Guide For Aliens Blueberry & Blackcurrant Lemon Slice Imperial Sour 8.2% 🍋

🍺 Elmeleven - A Box of Universe Triple Berry Guava Mandarin & Vanilla Sour 6% 🍊

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