Pint of Origin



Exclusive imported #craftybois on tap from Japan, Hong Kong and Vietnam with paired snacks from our acclaimed kitchen

For the first time ever, Benchwarmer will be hosting the Pint of Origin for the Asia region at our beer hall in West Melbourne. All of our taps will feature a rotating selection of the finest drops from brewers located in Japan, Hong Kong and Vietnam.

Our widely-renowned izakaya kitchen will also be diversifying our autumn 2022 menu to include paired snacks to match each region.

Some of the many breweries we will be featuring include: West Coast Brewing and Coedo from Japan, Young Master, Yardley Brothers and Gweilo from Hong Kong, and Heart of Darkness from Vietnam with more coming.

Live tap list
Brewer Beer Style ABV
Yardley Brothers Hardwood Lager 5.3%
West Coast Brewing Starwatcher West Coast IPA 7.0%
Young Master Blinding Sunshine Passionfruit Mojito Sour 6.5%
Young Master Hak Mo Sheung Black Impermanence Double Chocolate Imperial Stout 10.5%
Yardley Brothers Thai Chilli Getaway Chilli Basil Sour %
Heart of Darkness Black Shadows Espresso Martini Stout 6.4%
Coedo Green Tea Saison 5.0%
Heart of Darkness Last Stride Rye IPA 6.2%
West Coast Brewing Hold Reset Push Power DDH Hazy IPA 5.8%


#PoO22 Events

As well as their weeklong tap showcases, Benchwarmer is hosting the following events:

May 24, 2022 Heart of Darkness Tap Takeover / Giveaway More info
5 x exclusive limited edition kegs air freighted from Heart of Darkness Brewery in Vietnam along with other beers from around Asia. T-shirt giveaway with Chris from Heart of Darkness Brewery.
May 25, 2022 Gweilo Tap Takeover / Giveaway More info
7 x exclusive limited edition kegs from Gweilo Brewery in Hong Kong along with other beers from around Asia. Tinnies giveaway with Ben from Gweilo Brewery.
May 28, 2022 West Coast Brewing Launch More info
2 x exclusive limited edition kegs from West Coast Brewing in Japan along with other beers from around Asia. This is the first time West Coast Brewing has been available in Australia and the kegs were personally transported from Japan by Benchwarmer owner Lachlan Jones.


We'd love to know what you make of Pint of Origin 2022 – and if you've got any great ideas for future years, we're all ears!