Pint of Origin

The Park Hotel Abbotsford


The Park presents some of Regional Queensland's finest brews, from crowd favourites to limited one-offs, we're proud to represent the Sunshine State!

At The Park we're excited to continue our yearly tradition of offering some of the best of Regional Queensland.

Multi-award winners Moffat Beach are kicking us off with a tap takeover that will be pouring all weekend long!

This will be followed on Thursday by female-owned Better Together Brewing bringing down some beers for a delicious midweek taste offering. 

Finally, a friendly Sunshine Coast vs Gold Coast rivalry between Your Mates and Lost Palms will be fuelled on the final Friday for a tap takeover – may the best coast win!

Parma night on Tuesdays, steak night on Wednesdays and happy hour weekdays 4pm to 6pm! 

Come and help us celebrate one of the finest beer states in Australia!

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Featured Brewers

Balter Brewing
Currumbin Valley Brewing
Your Mates Brewing
Lost Palms Brewing
Black Flag Brewing
Moffat Beach Brewing
Better Together Brewing

#PoO24 Events

As well as their weeklong tap showcases, The Park Hotel Abbotsford is hosting the following events

Friday May 10
Moffat Beach Tap Takeover

What better way to start our appreciation of Queensland's finest than with Moffat who have consistently won at the AIBA's, Royal Queensland Beer Awards and the Indies. We'll be pouring them all weekend long.

Come on down for some of our favourites plus some new and exclusive pours.

Thursday May 16
Featuring Better Together

Better Together is a female-owned brewery with some beer we really want to showcase! Come down and find out why this brewery is being talked about so much!

Friday May 17
Lost Palms vs Your Mates – Which is the Best Coast?

Which is the best coast? It's a rivalry we're fueling with a head to head from Your Mates on the Sunshine Coast and Lost Palms on the Goldie. We've got beers from both and it's up to you to decide which one wins!

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