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Pint Of No Origin

A tribute to our cuckoo brewers: a week long tap takeover celebrating those guys brewing exceptional beers out of someone else's nest!

In its first year officially as part of Pint Of Origin, Pint of No Origin pays tribute to these nomadic types brewing their beautiful brews while roaming around, making use of other people's breweries.

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Frexi Brewing - Frexi Brewing is an independent craft brewing company based in Melbourne, Australia. Our beers are influenced from travels and the different cultures we met along the way. As nature lovers, it inspired our design and we want to be the most respectful with her. Premium products are used to create a premium craft beer.

AVNGE Brewing With a love of creating beer from high quality ingredients and designing great eye-catching illustrations, AVNGE Brewing is proud to be a part of the Melbourne craft beer community.

Local Brewing Co -

Sure Brewing -

The Boys Brewers – Read all about them here.

Venom Brewing - Venom Beer is a well loved household name in the independent beer scene in Australia, producing a recognisable, consistent quality of core range of beers. Venom has also been busy pushing boundaries with their limited releases, such as Double Golden Hazy IPA, and Portello (soft drink inspired) Imperial Sour.

Live tap list
Brewer Beer Style ABV
Local Brewing Co. Sticky Date Pudding Amber Ale Amber 6%
Frexi Brewing Smokey Sour Mezcal Sour 4.3%
Local Brewing Co. White Peach Sour Sour 3.5%
AVNGE Brewing Hella Dank DIPA DIPA 8%
The Boys Brewing Sunset Daze Hazy Pale Ale Hazy Pale Ale 4.8%
Valhalla Brewing Tropical IPA IPA 6%
Frexi Brewing Tropical XPA XPA 5%
Sure Brewing TRUE NZ Hop Lager Lager 4.7%
AVNGE Brewing Zero Dark Hour American Stout American Stout 5.9%
Venom Brewing Cherry Sour Sour 4%
Venom Brewing West Coast IPA IPA 6%
Frexi Brewing Refreshing Porter Porter 6%


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