Pint of Origin



Heartbreaker proudly presents a stellar lineup of rockstar breweries from Canada!

Oh Canada! A brewing powerhouse of a nation.

Heartbreaker has air-freighted a killer lineup of kegs from our beloved Northern cousins to celebrate Pint of Origin!

Swing in from 3pm till 3am from May 10 to 19 for cold pints, slices of Connie's finest pizza & all things Canada 🍁

What’s more ⚡️ we’ve got collabs brewing between an A-list of local superstars and Canadian legends, taking over our taps – get 'em before they’re gone!

  • Sailors Grave Brewing + XhAle Brew Co
  • Blackman’s Brewery x Collective Arts Brewing Ontario
  • Deeds Brewing x Superflux Beer
  • Mountain Culture Beer Co x Bellwoods Brewery

It all kicks off from 3pm on May 10, Heartbreakers ️ 💔

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Featured Brewers

Collective Arts
Superflux Beer Company
XhAle Brew Co
Bellwoods Brewery
Brasserie Dunham
Sailors Grave
Mountain Culture
Blackmans Brewery

#PoO24 Events

As well as their weeklong tap showcases, Heartbreaker is hosting the following events

Saturday May 11
Curling for Canada!

Curl Cans, Win Cans! Send your favourite Canadian Can whisking down our bar on a block of pristine ice to bring home the maple flavoured bacon! The action kicks off from 2pm, bud!

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We'd love to know what you make of Pint of Origin – and if you've got any great ideas for future years, we're all ears!