Pint of Origin

What Are Pint of Origin Passports?

Pint of Origin Passports are a means of recording your adventures through the festival as well as your passage to bonus beers. Dedicated travellers will be rewarded with a free pot* when they buy at beer at their sixth, twelfth and eighteenth venues – should you make it that far.

That's now all, however: there's prizes up for grabs too. More than ever before, in fact. 

In previous years, the Passport Prize Draw was only open to those who made it to every venue over the ten days, but in 2024 we've created five mini-Crawls: complete any of them and you'll go into a prize draw too.

We'll be unveiling the prizes – worth thousands of dollars – as the festival approaches. This new approach meaning you could win by visiting as few as four venues – and that you'll have six chances to win if you complete the set.

The 2024 Pint of Origin Mini-Crawls

There are plenty of festival attendees who love the challenge of visiting every Pint of Origin venue over the ten days, but what if your time is limited? 

Even if you've just got an evening or arvo free, you could experience the magic of #PoO24 and be eligible for a prize via one of these routes.

Once you've signed up for a Passport, you'll be able to see how many venues you've ticked off in each Mini-Crawl, as well as which venues you've visited and when. On the closing weekend, we'll draw the winners.

How Do Passports Work?

  1. Sign up by entering your name, email address, and a password. You can upload a photo too.
  2. This brings your personalised #PoO24 Passport to life within the site.
  3. When the festival starts on May 10, each time you buy your first beer at a #PoO24 venue, ask to scan their unique QR code.
  4. Each scan gives you a stamp in your passport. You can only scan once at each venue.
  5. As long as you don't sign out of, you'll remain logged in for the purposes of collecting stamps.
  6. When you buy a beer at your sixth venue, you'll receive a bonus pot.
    *NB Conditions may apply as to which beers are available for the bonus pot, as stipulated by the venue. Due to the high cost of many PoO beers, venues might offer a specific beer or beers, or a smaller serving size for their bonus beer. Please respect their decision and be kind. It's been a rough few years for everyone in beer and hospo so we're sure smiles and gratitude will go a long way!
  7. If you collect 12 stamps, you'll get another bonus pot at the twelfth venue. And the same if you make it to 18. The same conditions re beer offering / size of serve apply.
  8. We'll also be running a Passport Prize Draw during the festival. Details below.

NB If you're a member of The Crafty Pint's beer club, The Crafty Cabal, you cannot claim bonus Passport beers at the same time as you claim any beer club benefits, eg 2-FOR-1 Beers.

The Pint of Origin 2024 Prize Draw!

In a switch from previous years, rather than ask our host venues to put up prizes on top of everything else, we've amassed a prize pool from some other awesome businesses. We've got a shiny new Brompton C-Line Explore Bike, some sweet ticket and accommodation packages from Beervana in Wellington, pairs of boots for men and women from Bogs Footwear, a personalised Pint of Origin beanie for everyone that completes all 21 venues from Thirsty Merchants – both of them ideal as we head towards winter – plus memberships and merch from The Crafty Cabal.

There will be a prize draw for each of the Mini-Crawls outlined above plus another for anyone who makes it to all 21 venues. So if you complete two Mini-Crawls, you'll enter two draws; complete the festival and you'll be eligible for six of them. The usual competition rules apply as set out in the terms and conditions.

Bon voyage!

**With 21 venues, one Mini-Crawl had to have five venues instead of four. We figured the Inner North was the easiest to complete so that gets the fifth venue.