Pint of Origin
The Konvoy Kegfluencers

The Konvoy Kegfluencers

April 14, 2024, by Crafty Pint

We invited some of Melbourne's best brewery reps to check out the new #PoO24 Mini-Crawls

Ahead of Pint of Origin 2024, we've partnered with Konvoy to showcase the new Mini-Crawls we've introduced for this year's festival as well as they're tracking technology.

Brewery reps were invited to apply to become the inaugural Konvoy Kegfluencer, with five chosen to take on one of the five Crawls. Each is equipped with a Konvoy tracking device so we'll be able to monitor their progress, and will be filming themselves as they go.

We'll share the Reels they create via The Crafty Pint, Konvoy and participating breweries' socials ahead of the festival, with the one deemed the best winning a pallet of kegs for their brewery. And we'll be able to plot the paths they take on their Mini-Crawl to see how the pros navigate the city.

The five routes are:

Look out for the results toward the end of April!