Pint of Origin

Palace Hotel

South Australia

We are excited to be showcasing South Australia's best beer across 16 taps for this year's Pint of Origin. Some of SA's oldest and newest kids on the block.

We are excited to be showcasing South Australia's best beer across 16 taps over the nine days.  Pirate Life, Little Bang, Uraidla, Mismatch, The Hills, Big Shed, Shifty Lizard, Shapeshifter, Prancing Pony, Ministry of Beer, Loophole, Bowden, Kick Back, Lobethal, Left Barrel, The Suburban Brew, Brightstar and Swell.

Open everyday from 12pm, we will be doing tasting paddles for lunch. Please check out our webpage or Instagram for daily specials.

On Wednesday 25th May we are hosting The Crafty Pint IPA Blind Tasting Championships – tickets available here

And on Thursday 26th May we have teamed up with Funky Bunch Trivia to bring you a night of beer related trivia. Come and join a brewery's team and win prizes and beer.  - Beat The Brewer 

Chef will be pairing some tasty beer snacks with most of the beers as well so make sure you wear your comfy pants :) 

Live tap list
Brewer Beer Style ABV
Bigshed Brewery Nectaron IPA Pale Ale 6.4%
Brightstar Helles Pilsener Pilsener 4.8%
Left Barrel Grimm REIPA Red IPA %
Kickback Brewing Peaches & Cream Oat Cream IPA IPA 7.3%
Lobethal Brewery Irish Red Ale Red Ale %
Uraidla Brewery Lucifer's Life Blood Red Ale 4.5%
Little Bang Brewery Perfect Pale Pale Ale 5.4%
Prancing Pony Blaze of Haze Hazy Pale 4.8%
Shifty Lizard Steam Ale Steam Ale %
Pirate Life Honeycomb Stout Stout 6.5%
Mismatch Brewring West Coast IPA IPA 6.4%
Loophole Brewery Saltwater stout porter Porter 8%
Shapeshifter Nordic Hazy IPA IPA 6.8%
Ministry of beer Raspberry Sour Sour 4%


#PoO22 Events

As well as their weeklong tap showcases, Palace Hotel is hosting the following events:

May 26, 2022 Beat The Brewers Trivia Night More info


We'd love to know what you make of Pint of Origin 2022 – and if you've got any great ideas for future years, we're all ears!